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New Mystery Method Blog


Mike Long announced that he's decided to share even more results of our Mystery PUA and theMystery Method investigation on this brand new blog.

You can find it at and it includes a no-holds barred investigation.

(Click here for a 34-page video book from Mystery and Mike Long.)

Here's the scoop:

Just a few days ago Mike Long unveiled a new top ranked blog zeroing in on his investigation of the Mystery Method and it's creator, Erik von Markovic, aka Mystery.

This new blog as already generated a ton of new excitement and interest with posts on everything from Neil Strauss to Mystery Method openers, Mystery Method PDFs, Mystery Method YouTube and much much more.

The latest post is part 1 of a 2-part post about how Neil Strauss helped spark this whole investigation into Mystery Method and includes a popular training video.

It's all happening,

Mike Long

P.S. Click here for a 34-page video book by Mystery and Mike Long with training and details on pick up and After Game.

Mystery PUA Chronicles Part 4, Mystery Method and After Game


Hey there, (visit for a free 34-page video with lessons from Mystery and I) continues with it's investigation of Mystery PUA, and Mystery Method, the way that Erik Von Markovic conjures up his Pick-up Artist mastery.

Our Mystery PUA Chronicles return with us going back to the beginning of Area51Lifestyle and how our whole no-holds-barred investigation into Mystery began, and the connection to After Game.

First of all, at Mystery PUA we're totally focused on situations where we can uncover a clear cut pattern of success before we even get started working with somebody. As in: Before I agreed to work with Mystery I went out with him and experienced his expertise first hand, and verified a 14-year clear cut pattern of success that he personally had using his methods to date some of the most beautiful women in the world, and equally importantly I verified the success that he had in inspiring and sharing his craft with thousands and thousands of appreciative students from all over the world.

But what would a 14-year clear cut pattern of success look like? Here's Mystery, the World's Greatest Pick-up artist according to the New York times and his Mystery Method at work:

(Mystery PUA using Mystery Method to establish a clear-cut 15-year pattern of success)

Here's the scoop"

I met Mystery 4-years before I worked with him and I have to admit his magic for inspiring guys to see through their brain's phony expectations worked like a charm on me. I had already met David Mills, AKA Evil Dave and was convinced that David's unique After Game system was the ideal solution for enjoying high value relationships…

…But in order to enjoy such a relationship it had to come to fruition in the first place. I'd had up and down success when I was younger, mostly because I was usually involved in some sort of situation like football, wrestling or playing cards professionally, which put me in a leveraged situation with a few girls who ended up choosing me.

What I hadn't done is been able to call my own shots, choosing the kinds of girls that I wanted to share my focus with. And I most certainly hardly imagined that I could enjoy a high value relationship where I wasn't in a constant "relationship tug-of-war" where I'm constantly spending time and money to try to gain leverage in the relationship.

After Game is 75% of what we need to enjoy high value romantic relationships, but it's the 75% that comes AFTER we get our Pick-up game straight, which means that before we can get to After Game we need to be successful in the game first. But you need the whole picture for predictable high value relationships.

Mystery showed me that it was possible for any guy to use understanding to succeed in meeting, attracting and dating beautiful girls in the first place, to set up the whole After Game situation.

The video I just shared ended up being the first step in the process, the "establishing a clear cut 14-year pattern of success" for Mystery and his students in getting past that first 25% of the complete After Game situation, attracting the girl.

Next time I'm going to explain some of the behind the scenes that led me to introducing that video.

It's all happening,

Mike Long

Mystery Method and Fear


Hey there!

One of the things folks constantly encounter on these spammy wanna be PUA training sites is how they promise total insulation against rejection…

Yeah, right!

Why do the wanna be gurus, who are really nothing more than spam artists posing as folks who care do this?

Probably because they themselves are afraid of your rejection!

A little bit earlier today I was watching raw and passion filled interview that I conducted with Kosmo a few years back, shortly after he was crowned, as he called it with a cackle, "Master pick-up artist of the universe," and I was struck to the core at how emotional and raw his emotions were as he talked about the topic of FEAR.

Here's that video:


(It's been viewed by over 35,000 people. For the full interview, go here.)

Here is some of what Kosmo had to say:

"And it was like, everyone in the whole world, and I want you guys to listen to this really careful, it doesn't matter what's on the outside. Ok, applause, I'm a good looking guy. (claps hands) Blah Blah Blah.

"But you guys do not know what's on the inside. Inside, I'm [messed] up. There's a whole universe of Saddam Hussein versus George Bush in my body that you guys don't see.

"Ok Kosmo you're good looking, why do you have Cholla women? [Forget] you! You guys don't know me. Don't judge me. Inside I'm so terrified. Inside of my head I look at myself like an ugly human being, and I cry myself to sleep, because I cannot pick-up women.

"And this show, Erik, Mystery, Matador, JDog changed my life forever.

"Not just because, "OMG I know how to Pick-up women. No because I know how to talk to freaking human beings in general. And I'm a better person. I do not have anxiety attacks."

Kosmo was overwhelmed when he gave that interview, and it was totally raw feedback.

And it left me wondering how I really felt at my most vulnerable.

And it almost made me wonder how Mystery, love him or hate him, appreciate him or curse him, has inspired so many guys to follow in his footsteps.

Sure Erik von Markovic doesn't have the most stable reputation, but in all seriousness, if you look at his track record, guy after guy has followed him into the trenches.

Not just the trenches of pick-up, but into the world of teaching others how to do the same.

I'll have more on this subject soon.

It's all happening,

Mike Long

For a 34-page Video Book with loads of Mystery's methods including videos totally free, go here.

New Mystery video clip: How to Move


Hey everyone,

Area51Lifestyle continues it's Mystery PUA chronicles…

I decided to release a video clip from the Mind of Mystery because Valentines Day is right around the corner and I thought this video would be a real pick-me-up for aspiring PUAs and for anybody who wants to learn how to move;)

Here's the video:


If you enjoy it then please go over to YouTube and rate it highly, and post a comment there and here on the Blog.

It's all happening,

Mike Long

P.S. For a free 34-page Mystery video book, go to

Mystery PUA Chronicles (part 3 – Avatar)


Hey guys,

Area51Lifestyle, the premier source for Mystery and PUA information, continues with it's investigation of Mystery, the Pick-up Artist (PUA.)

Here's the scoop:

It didn't take long after I met Mystery, the guy who years later would land his own VH1 show called, appropriately enough, "The Pick-up Artist."

But years before that event and my personal life getting tossed in with Mystery, that show, and a lot of insanity, I first met Mystery and I have to admit…

I was TOTALLY freaked out!

I mean here was this guy who's 6 foot five inches to begin with wearing platform boots and a massive mad hatter top hat (underneath of which is some of the longest hair you've ever seen on a fella), sporting a Neo from the Matrix style black trench coat, black eye liner, black fingernails, adorned with outlandish earrings and a number of other trinkets.

The only time I'd ever seen anything like it was when my buddy talked me into going to the Rocky Horror picture show when I was in high school, and all of the goth kids dressed up.

But it was as if Mystery had gone to the Rocky Horror picture show, taken everybody's outfits and turned it into one hypnotic ensemble.

Years later Mystery would explain in detail what he calls your "avatar" in detail, but for now I'll tell you what I thought at the moment and at least a little bit of what I've realized since…

One of the things that was obvious right away was Mystery's affection for his massive top hat.

Mystery proudly proclaimed that he'd gotten kicked off of Good Morning America because he refused to take off his signature head piece when staffers demanded he remove it just before going on air.

I couldn't imagine skipping an appearance in front of millions of people for such a seemingly trivial reason.

But the even crazier thing was that when Mystery described the incident to me he did so with a great deal of pride!

"You can't look live everyone else." He said to me squaring me straight in his eyes.

At first none of it made sense to me.

But then I saw Mystery call his shot,  effortlessly infiltrating a party of a half a dozen ordinary looking guys and totally ensnare the attention of a perky blond that all of the guys had their sites set on…

More to come.

It's all happening,

Mike Long

For a free 34-page video book all about Mystery go to

Mystery PUA Chronicles (part 2)


Hey everyone, continues it's investigation into the man the New York Times calls the world's greatest Pick-up Artist (PUA) Mystery.

Now something I can't underscore enough is how surprised, astonished, and even a little bit freaked out I felt the first time I entered Mystery's world.

Here's the scoop:

In part 1 of the Mystery PUA chronicles I gave a bit of the background as to how I met Mystery and gave some of the details that intrigued me about Mystery when I first met him in the summer of 2014 in Los Angeles…

…Back then I didn't really imagine I'd be tapping away the Mystery PUA chronicles out on my laptop.

In fact, it's undeniable the impact Mystery has had on me and so many other men and women.

Part of the spirit of the Mystery PUA chronicles isn't just to shed light on the insider scoop,  so that you can watch over my shoulder as I've investigated certain "interesting characters" like the ever interesting Mystery.

But the other part is to share the geniuine impact these folks have had on my life both because I have learned to subscribe to Ronald Reagan's ideal that "If you don't care who gets the credit, you can accomplish anything", but also because it's exciting for me to share the glimpse I got into the shocking character that Erik von Markovic, the Harry Houdini of pick-up, conjures as his greatest magic trick.

Anyways, back to the rundown on Mystery's world.

One of the things that Mystery had discovered in his dozen years picking up girls, and teaching and inspiring other guys to do the same (both pick up girls AND teach other guys how to "do" this seemingly lost art) was that you can't do the same thing as everybody else and succeed.

That included your "avatar."

Your avatar, Mystery would explain to me years before James Cameron's blockbuster movie, is the image you conjure in other people's perspective, and the meaning that image has for them.

Something that Mystery constantly conveyed to me in our encounters was his persistent fascination with individuals.

You see, it turns out that the very same discomfort I felt at Eben Pagan's (David DeAngelo from Double your Dating) event because of all of the guys dressed…well, like Mystery with all sorts of chains and gothic flair-meets Billy Idol.

But I could see a layer deeper.

Years in strategy and marketing taught me that folks tend to make the mistake of copying surface moves, instead of zeroing in on the deeper reasons why.

In the case of Mystery's avatar I suddenly got it.  He was trying to unsettle people.

I'll talk about why in my next post. (Plus exclusive Mystery video from my vault: coming soon.)

It's all happening,

Mike Long

P.S. For more information about Mystery and I go to where we share the strategies we use for high value relationships. (And where we've helped thousands of guys just like Mystery, you and I boost their results radically with attractive women.)

P.P.S. Here's the Mystery's Magnum Opus Report. which Mystery and I put together, where we explain a bunch more of the behind the scenes things with Mystery and certain PUA exploits…

Area51Lifestyle investigates Mystery PUA


Hey guys,

I've had many requests for me to continue to go in deapths my with "Mystery Chronicles" that I've been sharing on my Area51Lifestyle high value relationship/PUA newsletter for the last couple of years, so I made this Blog because it gives me a good place to post info.

Erik Von Markovic, aka Mystery "World's Greatest Pick Up Artist (PUA)" according to the New York times is a controversial figure.

Here's the scoop:

Eben Pagan introduced me to Mystery during an LA PUA event for Double Your Dating in the summer of 2014.

When I first met the 6′5″ PUA, I didn't know what to make of him, because Mystery was dressed like a cross between a dark Willie Wonka and Neo from the Matrix in a black trench coat, plus a big black top hat, black fingernails and platform boots.

Mystery's passion for social dynamics and pick-up were clear.  I found out that Mystery trained many of the top PUAs in the world.  Many testified directly to me about Mystery's prowess.

While I didn't meet Neil Strauss, author of the New York Times best seller "The Game" (which wasn't written yet) I still got an immedate sense that I had stumbled across something big…

A big part of my feelings came from the love-hate relationship that so many of the guys had with Mystery.  Clearly every PUA there cared very deeply about what he had to say.

Before I ever saw Mystery in field he and his "business partner" conjured images of drama and intrigue.  During dinner, Mystery took a phone call from someone about meeting up with Courtney Love, and after that he told me about how he got kicked off of the set of Good Morning America because he refused to go on without his top hat.

I was part horrified and totally intrigued…

Something that was glaringly obvious from the way all of these PUA guru types talked about Mystery and one another behind their backs, was that this was a very political and clique-ish social circle.

Swing Cat, one of Mystery's "friends" couldn't stop talking about Ross Jeffries behind his back.  I'm not singling him out becuase he was the only one, but instead because he was at least direct about it.

Our friend Criag, took us to Project Hollywood, the Rat Pack mansion that Mystery and his friends rented, and that Mystery had recently been somehow evicted from (this was a source of great frustration for Mystery at the time, though apparently he had a new place that he was splitting with Courtney Love.)  Project Hollywood was Mystery's brain child, the perfect bachelor pad for reeling luring girls and guys who wanted to learn how to lure girls.

(Craig advised us to avoid Project Hollywood's Jacuzzi at all costs.)

I talked to Nick Kho, Papa who's partner, Tyler Durden, a puffier red faced version of Brad Pitt's Fight Club character instructing several awe-struck students, mostly men dressed in chinos and khakis and button down shirts two sizes too big for them,spread in a semi circle around him like kindergarten students listening to their teacher in wide eyed amazement.

That's what caught my attention the most.  That scene, and watching Mystery go in field, which I'll talk about in my next post (Plus soon I'll post in field video of Mystery using his PUA techniques in field and talking about it.)

It's all happening,

Mike Long

P.S. You can get more Mystery PUA info, and high value relationship advice and sign up for my newsletter at

Welcome to Mystery PUA dot net


Mystery, Erik Von Markovic, is a Toronto born man, called "the greatest pick-up artist in the world" by the New York Times.